FuHeL – Future Healthcare Leaders in Respiratory Medicine – MENTORING PROGRAMME


Since the 3rd International Workshop on Lung Health, in 2017 the congress has offered the opportunity to 10 – 12 early career clinicians and researchers to attend, during the event, a side “Mentoring Programme” dedicated specifically to help younger professionals to boosts their career.

The Mentoring Programme has been delivered by successful and still young researchers and clinicians personally accompanying the participants in discovering what are the tricks to know and to learn to succeed in an international environment.

Every year the programme is slightly different adapting also to the background of the participants.

The program will cover topics such as how to identify and seize opportunities, how to avoid or overcome obstacles, how to successfully manage relationships, how to move forward with the sometimes very limited resources you have to start, how to deal with the challenges of work-life balance in different national and organizational environments, how to stand out in the competitive local and foreign landscapes, etc.

In 2024, looking forward to meeting the IWLH Family in Seville, the FUHEL Programme will explore once again the Research Clinical Trail World, giving the opportunity to participants to

  • Propose research and clinical trials ideas to the mentors
  • Explore the development process for clinical and research trials
  • Debate and dialogue with mentors and colleagues about trials under all the different aspects, phases and team working steps
  • Attend working session to develop a “clinical/research trial start up”

Are you a young clinicians or researcher/student and/or PhD Resident?

Do you want to spend the 3 Workshop days mentored by well known professionals from the Respiratory Medicine field?

Don’t miss the opportunity to candidate yourself to be part of the IWHL 2024 – Future Leaders Mentoring Programme. Candidacies must be submitted within November 15th, 2023 clicking on the below button

The Programme will take place in the Workshop Venue from January 18th to January 20th, 2024. The FUHEL Participants will benefit of a dedicated working room, reserved to the Programme, where they can work with the mentors.


The Future Leaders’ Mentoring Programme is open to up 10 Residents / PhD students under 42 in Respiratory Medicine from different European Universities and Hospitals.

In order to apply for the FUHEL programme the following documents are required:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational Letter where research, clinical interests and focus will be underlined

All these documents and details must be sent throughout the online procedure



The 2024 Edition of the Future Leaders Mentoring Programme will see the further development of the “FuHeL (Future Health Leader of the Lungs) Mentoring Programme, a scientific “hub” for the Young Researchers and clinicians of the worldwide respiratory medicine, which aim to spend 3 days working with the Mentors, which will give important indications about how to approach to clinical, observational and methanalysis scientific publications.”

The mentors of the programme require to each candidate to have a specific interest in clinical and scientific research. During the 3 Workshop Days the Programme will give to participants tools, tips and guidelines about how explore clinical, observational and methanalysis publications.


Submissions are now closed.


The FREE Registration Fee for the Future Leaders will include

  • 3 days of full mentoring
  • Educational Materials
  • Attendance to the IWLH 2024

FUHEL Scientific Responsible

Stefano Aliberti

Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Humanitas University (Milano – Italy)
Chief of Respiratory Unit –  IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital (Milano – Italy)

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Medical Degree from the University of Milan – Clinical research training at the University of Louisville, KY, USA
Former Head of the Respiratory Infections Assembly of the European Respiratory Society
Chair of the European Bronchiectasis Network (EMBARC)
Chair of IRIDE, the Italian Registry of adult bronchiectasis
Chair of the Italian Registry on Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (IRENE)

James D. Chalmers

Clinical Professor, Respiratory Medicine – Molecular and Clinical Medicine
Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine – United Kingdom

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Respiratory Medicine – Molecular and Clinical Medicine
Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine – United Kingdom
GSK/British Lung Foundation Professor of Respiratory Research and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician at the University of Dundee/Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. Chair of the European Bronchiectasis Network (EMBARC). Chair of the BTS Respiratory Infection Speciality Advisory Group. Deputy chief editor of the European Respiratory Journal.