COVID-19 Information

As the 9th International Workshop on Lung Health will be held from 20th to 22nd of January 2022, in a hybrid format, we are hoping that we can welcome most of our participants in-person. In the other hand we would like to provide the opportunity to the ones who are not able or willing to travel, to join the Conference virtually.

Please find below a recap what you need to know if you want to visit the Italy at the moment.

Please be kindly informed that due to the uncertainty of this period, the conditions for travelling may change, depending on the evolving of the pandemic situation.


Entering Italy

The Italian Government has put at disposal of travelers an easy “on line form” in order to understand restrictions and rules applied to each country of provenience.

Please visit the following web page to fill the questionnaire and understand the rules you must consider before travelling:


Please note that the Italian Government works daily on COVID-19 measures. We invite you to visit the following page to know more about the current and most updated restrictions:


As main general mandatory rules, please note that access to Italy and to the services present in the country (shops, restaurant, public transport and events) is allowed only upon exhibition of an Official and Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate which proof the full and valid vaccination status recovered from COVID19 less than 6 months.

For more information:

The authorized and valid vaccines are stated by the European Authorities

Please note that the Italian Government rules on COVID-19 prevention state the use of FFP2 Mask on Local, Regional and National transport, as well as during events, fair, congresses, inside theatre, cinema and “indoor events”.

Access to the Congress Areas

The Scientific Committee of the 9th International Workshop on Lung Health, decided to give the opportunity to access to the Congress only to fully vaccinated people. Please note that the Organizing Secretariat must check your Green Pass at the entrance of the Congress Area where your full vaccination cycle is stated.

Please note that not vaccinated people cannot access to the Congress area, even if exhibiting a PCR and/or a Rapid COVID Test.



Please be informed that people who need to exhibit a negative test to travel back home can book a antigenic test in the following 2 pharmacies:

  • San Fedele (15 min on foot from the hotel), via Sempione, 121            +39 0233915203
  • Farmacia Vittoria (10 minutes on foot from the hotel), Via Pisacane     +39 0291766734

Please note that the tests – even if negative – cannot give the right to access to the Congress areas for not vaccinated people.

For more information: