The Voice of the Mentors

The Voice of Future Leaders

Stefano Aliberti

Paolo Spagnolo

The Future Leaders’ Mentoring Programme is open up to 10 Residents / PhD students in Respiratory Medicine from different European Universities and Hospitals.


Mentors will accompany participants throughout the congress in a tailored training. The aim is teaching them how to identify, synthetize and apply in daily life the most important messages provided during the lectures of the workshop. The different background of speakers and participants will help the participants to improve their ability to interact within a multicultural – multinational – multi generations environment.


The programme will start on Thursday 16, January at 12.30 with the session “Future Leaders Mentoring: warming up” where the different aspects of the programme will be illustrated by the Mentors.

4/6 lectures throughout the 3-day congress will be included in their personalised programme based on interest of each participants. It is mandatory for the candidates to attend them and follow the instructions of their mentors in order to easily identify and retain the “take home messages”.

Mentors small group training sessions will be performed throughout the congress programme at timing to be decided on site based on the lectures choses by each participant. Up to 3 groups could be created based on interests and background.

During the report and feedback session of Saturday 18, January at 13.00 to 14.00, participants to the programme will be asked to present their work, outcome and take home messages . This session will be open to all congress attendees.


Participants to the future leaders’ mentoring program will benefit of free registration.

The congress is seeking for one or more sponsors to support travel grants for participants to the programme but up to now the congress is not able to provide this support.

Further information will be posted here if a partner could be found.