What to see – what to do


Escher in Het Paleis

Mathematical museum

During the 20th century, M.C. Escher was a prominent Dutch artist who applied mathematics and geometry to his graphic art. Because of this, his art has a beautiful symmetry to it that is very captivating to the eye. Housed in what was once a royal palace, Escher in Het Paleis is a museum dedicated to the artist’s work. Explore over 150 of his most famous prints, in addition to woodcuts, mosaics, landscapes, and more. The second floor has been converted to an interactive, optical illusion experience, so that visitors may ‘see things through Escher’s eyes.’

Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

Architectural church beauty

At just over 300 feet tall, Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk, or St. James Church, is one of the tallest buildings in The Hague. The church was built during the 15th and 16th centuries in classic gothic style; it has incredible architectural attributes, as well as beautiful interior features.


Gothic government building

Built in the 13th century, Binnenhof is a gothic castle situated along the lake, Hofvijver. The collection of buildings is now used as the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, as well as for the States General of the Netherlands, and Ministry of General Affairs. The structure is rich with Dutch heritage and is the oldest in-use House of Parliament in the world. Take a boat ride on the lake to get a waterfront view of the exquisite court, or get a close-up view from the mainland.


Miniature park

Discover all the highlights and heritage of Holland at Madurodam. The park is a large miniature that details exact replicas of important buildings and city areas in Holland. The park is organized into three sections: City Center, Water World, and Innovation Island.

Mauritshuis Museum

Popular art museum

Home to mostly Dutch Golden Age paintings, the Mauritshuis Museum is a cultural must in The Hague. See famous paintings, such as ‘The Girl With the Pearl Earring’ by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. There are also works by famous Spanish painter Diego Velasquez, as well as self-portraits from other prominent artists. Spend the day exploring the art on the walls, or attend one of their many programs. On Mondays, guests can attend ‘Cup of Art,’ a short art talk given by a member of the staff discussing a particular painting, artist, or subject. There are other monthly lectures that take place, in addition to learning opportunities for kids. Try your own hand at art by enrolling in their short courses, or sit back and enjoy live jazz on Thursday nights.


Grand knight’s hall

The Ridderzaal, or Knight’s Hall, is the main building of the historic Binnenhof castle. This particular section of the gothic structure is reserved for special occasions regarding the Dutch monarchy and parliament, including royal receptions, conferences, and speeches from the throne of monarchs, which sits in the great hall.

Louwman Museum

Transportation museum

The Louwman Museum prides itself on housing the world’s oldest private collection of classic and antique cars. Explore both cultural history and the history of innovation by discovering the different automobiles that have been created. The collection features 250 motorcars, ranging from 1886 to the present day, and there is also an automotive art collection.

Museum Mesdag

Historic art collection

Hendrik Willem Mesdag was a Dutch teacher turned artist during the late 19th and early 20th centuries — come here appreciate the work of one of Hague’s most prominent and influential artist. Take a guided tour to learn the history of the life of the great artist, as well as learn about particular paintings, and his art style.