Dear Colleagues & Friends,

The evolution of the Covid-19 Epidemic and the increasing travel restrictions, are forcing the Presidents of the 8th International Workshop on Lung Health to reconsider the format of the congress.

In order to make available the programme to all the interested professionals in Europe and abroad that may be facing challenges to attend the physical event, the Organising and Scientific Committee started working on the overall programme to adapt it to a  virtual format.

Furthermore, to maintain, wherever possible, a form of face to face interaction, we plan in having some of the faculty members and participants who are  able and willing to travel, to meet in Milan, from where all the sessions will be broadcasted.

The live sessions will take place on the same dates planned for the congress with the  adding of an additional day, and precisely from 13th to 16th January 2021.

The “fil rouge” of the 8th edition remains  “Treatable Traitsa look forward”. This controversial theme opens up to a new prospective approach with focus on the physiopathology of the “treatable traits” declined within the different diseases and related treatments. The purpose is to use this old / new tool to explore the future of the management of lung diseases: a look forward indeed!

Rising Stars, Posters (in the form of E-poster) live discussions will be preserved, while a change of format is expected for the FuHeL (Future Health Leaders) programme.

We kindly remind you that the Call for Rising Stars deadline has been postponed to  October 19th, 2020  while the Call for Abstracts deadline is now set for  November 2nd, 2020. We invite you to submit and encourage the submission of the valuable works encouraging us to pursue this activity giving the opportunity to young clinicians and researchers to present their valuable work   and become for the first time  part of the  Congress faculty.

We look forward to consolidate the existing cooperation with national and international associations for the promotion of the meeting and strengthen the promotional efforts and opportunities within  the whole potential stakeholders

Yours Sincerely,


From left to right: Francesco Blasi, G. Walter Canonica, Stefano Aliberti, Johann Christian Virchow, Stefano Centanni, Tobias Welte