Dear Colleagues & Friends,

In 2021 the 8th International Workshop on Lung Health will be hosted from 14th to 16th January 2021 in the historical and, in many way, surprising city of The Hague.

Taking inspiration from the last seven successful editions and looking at the contribution from  all attendees, partners and faculty members, we are proud to announce some relevant innovations in this year’s Workshop format, which will be published by April 2020.

The “fil rouge” of the 8th edition is “Treatable Traits: a look forward”. This controversial theme opens up to a new prospective approach with focus on the physiopathology of the “treatable traits” declined within the different diseases and related treatments. The purpose is to use this old / new tool to explore the future of the management of lung diseases: a look forward indeed!

As Committee members, we would like to stress, once again, the importance of participants’ contribution for the success of the initiative. Therefore, considering this different approach,  increasing  time will be devoted to discussion, interaction and contribution from the audience with the introduction of new interactive formats.

To enhance the benefits of attending the conference, several Post Graduated Courses, held by World Experts on topics of relevant interest, will be scheduled before the beginning of the workshop programme.

The Future Leaders Mentoring Programme will undergo some important remodeling   with the aim of becoming an international “Hackaton” contest, in order to stimulate the development of new research projects delineated by the youngest researchers and evaluated by the plenary room and an experts’ panel.

Furthermore, the success of the Rising Stars Programme, encourages us to pursue this activity giving the opportunity to young clinicians and researchers to present their valuable work,  in front of an international audience,. and become for the first time  part of the  Congress faculty.

We look forward to consolidate the existing cooperation with national and international associations for the promotion of the meeting as well as the increase of the initiative dedicated to the younger ones, strengthening the promotional efforts and opportunities within  the whole potential stakeholders.

Finally, we invite you all to bring your contribution to the Poster Calls and on site sessions: only by sharing projects, results and discussions points we will be able to face the new extremely crucial world challenges in the Respiratory and related fields.

We look forward to welcoming you in the historical frame of Den Haag!


Yours Sincerely,


From left to right: Francesco Blasi, G. Walter Canonica, Stefano Aliberti, Johann Christian Virchow, Stefano Centanni, Tobias Welte