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Treatable Traits: a look forward

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

It is our great pleasure to welcoming you to the 8th International Workshop on Lung Health – virtual edition which is held from 13 to 16 January 2021.

In a year characterized by the COVID – 19 Pandemic with most of the healthcare resources and energies concentrated in fighting the infection, the International Workshop on Lung Health remains the place where discuss the hot topics of Respiratory Medicine, sharing the latest research outcomes and the most recent successful experiences in diagnostic, treatments and management.

The “fil rouge” of the 8th edition – decided and implemented before the pandemic – is “Treatable Traitsa look forward”. This controversial theme opens up to a new prospective approach with focus on the physiopathology of the “treatable traits” declined within the different diseases and related treatments. The purpose is to use this old / new tool to explore the future of lung disease management: a look forward indeed!

We would like to express our full encouragement to all of those who have submitted their valuable works in the form of E-posters and to the young clinicians and researchers joining the Faculty for the Rising Star Session.

And a special welcome to the young researchers / clinicians who have joined this year the FuHeL (Future Health Leaders in Respiratory Medicine) programme: we count you can bring home some valuable lessons for your career development.

A final thanks to all the Endorsing Societies, national and international associations, and to all the Partners who have collaborated to make this meeting possible and rich of contents in this very challenging times.

We look forward to having you all connected, while waiting and wishing to meet you again in person!

Yours Sincerely,

Presidents & Chairmen

From left to right: Francesco Blasi, G. Walter Canonica, Stefano Aliberti Johann Christian Virchow, Stefano Centanni, Tobias Welte

General Information


For Italian Sponsors or Sponsored Groups from Italy the AIFA dossier should be submitted not later than 13 November 2020. Please contact the secretariat to know which is the Italian Agency taking care of the AIFA pre-request. The Organizing Secretariat will provide all the required documents within October 10, 2020. The procedure  must be completed by the Sponsor within November 13, 2020 and officially communicated to the Organizing Secretariat.


The official language of the Conference is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


An technical helpdesk will be available throughout the live experience. Contact details will be provided on your confirmation letter and congress website.


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